3Shape CAMbridge™

Automating the print process


Making 3D printing easy
CAMbridge™ is designed for clinics and small- to mid-sized manufacturers without access to ShellManager™, optimizing your investment in 3D printers. CAMbridge™ removes much of the time-consuming work with managing print jobs.

Produce effortlessly
CAMbridge CAMbridge™ provides a complete interface to Rapid Prototype machines, optimized for automatic 24/7 production, and allows non-technical operators to streamline their workflows. Multiple printers can be assigned their own settings, styles and item management through a rich set of customization options.

CAMbridgeFast and easy to use
By simply clicking or drag & dropping items into Cambridge ™, the application automatically updates the build platform in the background. By utilizing multi-core processors, processing times are drastically reduced.

CAMbridgeHands-on or Hands-off options
Operators have a range of options to control the process, from near hands-free operation to individually managing the print item supports, placement, orientations and even ID tags.

CAMbridgeSupports a wide range of rapid prototype machines
Automatic preparation and data transfer with control information to the corresponding software drivers of the machines.

Support for machine modules which can be customized to fit the specification of your device (STL, SLI, or CLI formats).

CAMbridgeAutomated order management - minimize post processing
Items can be grouped based on the build platform automatically using configuration rules and optional printed boundaries for fast identification. ID Tags can be automatically generated and placed next to each item.

High level of customization visualized in easy to understand dialogs.

Graphical illustration of each item and the build platform at all times.

Smart logic
Optimizes process time and material usage to minimize

manufacturing costs. Optimizes process time and material usage to minimize manufacturing costs.

Visual inspection and manual editing
Full control over all areas of the print job process.

Improve administration
Manage order entry and tracking to reduce errors and improve production time.

Prerequisites for using CAMbridge

CAMbridge is installed on a PC which satisfies to such requirements:
Windows 7 32-bit Professional
4GB RAM, CPU Intel Core i3 or equivalent, 250GB available HDD space
DirectX 10 Video Card
CAMbridge application is operated using keyboard and mouse and optional 3DConnexion 3D Mouse.


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